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Other Postemployment Benefit Accounting and Financial Reporting

Minutes of Meeting, November 8-10, 2011

The Board reviewed the results of the research using Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and considered some conceptual issues related to accounting and financial reporting for other postemployment benefits. The Board tentatively agreed to propose that an employer’s obligation for other postemployment benefits meets the definition of a liability in Concepts Statement No. 4, Elements of Financial Statements. Furthermore, the Board tentatively agreed to propose that the liability for other postemployment benefits is measureable with sufficient reliability and, therefore, meets the criteria for recognition in financial statements. The Board also tentatively agreed to consider at future meetings issues related to measurement of the liability and recognition in expense, acknowledging that different decisions may be reached for other postemployment benefits than were reached for pensions.

Minutes of Meeting, August 17-19, 2011

The Board reviewed and approved the research plan for the other postemployment benefits portion of the postemployment benefits project.