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From the Chairman's Desk

Recently I was asked what I consider to be the greatest challenge facing the FASB—and what I consider to be the FASB’s greatest opportunity. My answer to both questions is the same. Our greatest challenge—and our greatest opportunity—is in setting the FASB’s future agenda.
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For the Investor: Disclosure Effectiveness—
How Materiality Fits In

By Marc Siegel, FASB Member

There has been discussion lately amongst our stakeholders and the media about “materiality” and questions as to how it relates to the FASB’s Disclosure Framework project. With this in mind I want to take this opportunity to communicate my thoughts about how materiality fits into the entire project.
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FASB Preview of 2016

The FASB’s Technical Director and Assistant Directors discuss the FASB’s top priorities for 2016: business combinations, leases, implementing revenue recognition, credit losses, government assistance, insurance, hedging, the Simplification Initiative, not-for-profit financial statements, disclosure framework, and PCC activities.
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  • From the Chairman's Desk
  • For the Investor: Disclosure Effectiveness—
    How Materiality Fits In
  • Featured Video
    FASB Preview of 2016

Preparing For the Upcoming Leasing Standard—What a Lessee Needs to Know

During the first quarter of 2016, the FASB will issue its new standard on Leases. While the standard will represent a significant improvement to financial reporting, it also will be a change for many organizations—particularly those who engage in significant activities as a lessee.
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On the Horizon

In this issue we explore the FASB’s upcoming standard on credit losses, and an upcoming proposal on the classification of certain cash receipts and cash payments on the statement on cash flows. We also highlight an upcoming comment deadline on government assistance.
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Just Issued

The FASB recently issued a standard intended to improve the recognition and measurement of financial instruments.
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