Status of Implementation Guide No. 2016-1

Status of Implementation Guide No. 2016-1, Implementation Guide Update—2016

Issued: March 2016

Effective date:

Reporting periods beginning after June 15, 2016


Amends GASBIG 2015-1, Q1.9.2, Q1.9.5, Q2.20.2, Q2.27.5, Q3.50.1, Q4.30.5, Q5.64.1–Q5.64.4, Q5.117.2, Q7.5.2, Q7.8.3, Q7.8.8, Q7.22.6, Q7.23.6, Q7.34.4, Q8.1.2, Q8.1.3, Q8.4.3, Q8.5.4, Q8.6.1, Q8.6.4, Q8.9.3, Q8.10.1, Q8.10.2, Q8.15.4, Q8.17.3, Q8.18.5, Q8.22.4, Q8.25.2, Q8.31.2, Q8.35.2, Q8.35.4, Q8.41.1, Q8.41.4, Q8.42.8, Q8.47.5, Q9.12.5, Q9.24.1, Q9.32.1, Q10.13.8, QZ.16.1, QZ.24.1, QZ.33.26, QZ.47.2, QZ.48.4, and Z.54.50
Supersedes GASBIG 2015-1, Q5.116.9 and Q8.18.3 and Sections 8.69–8.91

Affected by: Question 4.26 will be superseded by GASBS 84

Primary Codification Sections: Throughout

Abbreviations for Accounting Pronouncements

GASBS - GASB Statements
GASBCS - GASB Concepts
GASBI - GASB Interpretations
GASBTB - GASB Technical Bulletins
BFC - Basis For Conclusions
NCGAS - NCGA Statements
NCGAI - NCGA Interpretations
SOP - AICPA Statements of Position
ASLGU - AICPA Audit Guide
GASB Q&A - GASB Implementation Guides