Video & Podcasts

December 2015—Members of the Fiduciary Activities project team discuss key elements of the proposed guidance and encourage you to share your views in this brief video overview.
November 2015—GASB Chair Dave Vaudt and members of the project team discuss key elements of the financial reporting model reexamination in this brief video overview.
August 2015—GASB Chair Dave Vaudt addresses impacts of the Board’s recent standards on accounting and financial reporting for pensions and other postemployment benefits.
August 2015—At a recent event some of our key alumni stakeholders told us about their experience at the GASB and how they use GAAP in their current roles.
June 2015—GASB Chair and Project Team Discuss New OPEB Statements
May 2015—GASB Chair David Vaudt and Research Manager Dean Mead provide an update on the Tax Abatement Disclosures project.
March 2015—GASB Project Team Discusses Statement No. 72, Fair Value Measurement and Application
February 2015—Who's Who Interview With GASB Project Manager Jialan Su
January 2015—Meet GASB Vice Chair Jan Sylvis
November 2014—GASB Chair Dave Vaudt Addresses GASB@30 Event Attendees
 November 2014—GASB@30 Featurette Video
October 2014—GASB Chair Discusses Tax Abatement Disclosures
August 2014—GASB Project Manager Randy Finden Discusses Fair Value Measurement & Application Exposure Draft
March 2014—GASB Director of Research and Technical Activities David Bean Talks about the Board’s 2014 Pre-Agenda Research Activities
December 2013—GASB Project Manager Michelle Czerkawski Outlines Statement 67 & 68 Implementation Guides
December 2013—GASB Chairman David A. Vaudt Discusses the Importance of Conducting Stakeholder Outreach
September 2013—GASB Chairman David A. Vaudt Discusses Implementation Issues Arising From the New Pension Standards