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Governmental Accounting Research System
CD-ROM with Updates

Installed on a PC in a local or network environment, the GASB's Governmental Accounting Research System (GARS) provides efficient and effective access to all the necessary governmental accounting literature. GARS for Windows™ is available on a CD-ROM, and employs the Rocket Folio Views® information retrieval platform. GARS has been demonstrated to provide a significant reduction in research time. It is used by accounting firms of all sizes, government offices, and academic institutions, and is updated twice a year.

Included in GARS
  • Original Pronouncements
    GASB Statements, Interpretations, Technical Bulletins, Concepts Statements; NCGA Statements, Interpretations, Concepts Statements; selected AICPA Statements of Position.
  • Codification of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards
    Integration of financial accounting and reporting standards arranged by topic.
  • Implementation Guides
    Questions and answers pertaining to selected GASB Statements.
  • Comprehensive Topical Index

  • Powerful and flexible search engine to facilitate accounting research
  • Support for word processors, allowing GARS text to be easily cut and pasted into documents
  • Intuitive navigational tools, enabling users to effectively traverse GARS content

Annual Service
Updates to GARS are sent twice yearly as appropriate with the issuance of new documents, to ensure that your infobases contain the latest GASB pronouncements and Implementation Guides.

Academics (excluding school business offices) receive a 20 percent discount. Quantity discounts are available for 20 or more copies for single-user systems or network installations.

Single-User Systems
First year: $400 members/academics; $500 others.
Annual Renewal: $356 members/academics; $445 others.

Network Installation
CD-ROM with documentation will be provided for each network. Pricing is based on concurrent use, and you must have a reasonable mechanism or process in place to assure that the number of concurrent users of GARS does not exceed the number of concurrent GARS users declared for your network.
First year:
First user, $400 members/academics; $500 others.
Additional users (per user), $356 members/academics; $445 others.
Annual Renewal:
First user, $356 members/academics; $445 others.
Additional users (per user), $308 members/academic; $385 others.

GARS Technical Information
For additional information about GARS send a FAX to the attention of GARS Research Sysems (203)849-9714, E-mail to or call (203) 847-0700, Ext. 575.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Order by telephone: (800) 748-0659

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