Implementation Toolkit for Governments

GASB’s pension implementation toolkit assists governments in implementation on Statement No. 68 and Statement No. 71. Additional resources will be added as they become available.


Toolkit Contents

image Guide to Implementation of GASB Statement 68 on Financial Reporting for Pensions (pdf)
An authoritative resource guide designed to assist preparers and auditors of state and local government financial reports as they prepare to implement the standards, which are effective for periods beginning after June 15, 2014.
image Video Overview
GASB Technical Director Dave Bean and Research Manager Dean Mead discussing stakeholder outreach for the pension standards.
image Video Overview
GASB Project Manager Michelle Czerkawski Outlines Statement 67 & 68 Implementation Guides
image Video Overview
GASB Chairman David A. Vaudt discusses the top implementation issues arising from the pension standards.
image Article: New GASB Pension Statements to Bring about Major Improvements in Financial Reporting (pdf)
An article outlining the key ways that the two pension standards will change how governments calculate and report the costs and obligations associated with pensions.
image Article: Keys to Implementation Issues (pdf)
An article identifying several areas plan administrators and public officials should consider as they plan, prepare and collaborate when implementing the new standards.
image Setting the Record Straight (web version | pdf)
Answers to common misperceptions about the new pension standards.
Featuring GASB Project Manager Michelle Czerkawski addressing key issues of Statement No. 68
  • Project Background and Scope - Download
  • New Statement Highlights - Download
  • Cost-Sharing Employers - Download
  • Note Disclosures and RSI for Employers with Defined Benefit Pensions - Download
  • Recognizing Changes in Net Pension Liability -Download
  • Measuring Employers' Pension Liabilities: Projection of Benefit Payments - Download
  • Measuring Employers' Pension Liabilities: Discounting Projected Benefit Payments - Download
  • Measuring Employers' Pension Liabilities: Attributing Present Value to Periods - Download
image Statement 68
Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pensions—an amendment of GASB Statement No. 27
Summary (web version)
Full Text (pdf)
image Statement 71
Pension Transition for Contributions Made Subsequent to the Measurement Date—an amendment of GASB Statement No. 68
Summary (web version)
Full Text (pdf)